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outlier design


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Creativity International Awards: 42nd Creativity Print & Packaging Competition (2012)
Honorable Mention (Business cards category)

AAF-Madison ADDY Awards


This project was for my previous design identity, outlier design. My goal was to design striking, impossible-to-ignore business cards unusual enough to represent an outlier—but that were also clean, elegant, and usable.

Since I’m a web and print designer it made sense to create something interactive to engage the user and reward their attention. Thus the cards also function as a simple "roll the ball into the hole" game—the cards themselves consist of a large coin holder with a printed insert, and the dot of the "i" in "outlier" is actually a small bead. The cards' interactivity engages more parts of the brain than conventional business cards, making them much more memorable.

The fun and games don’t stop with the built-in game, however; these quirky, interactive cards also have several fun additional uses beyond the usual “barely glance at it and stuff it in a business card holder” reaction most business cards induce. These additional uses—not to be missed!—have been immortalized in the exuberantly shameless self-promo video shown on this page. The message of the cards and video: this is a designer who truly thinks uniquely. If she can do so much with a simple business card, just imagine what she can do for YOUR project!

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