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Badger Chemist

Badger Chemist magazine redesign
Vol. 65 | 2023


University of Wisconsin-Madison


Magazine / Editorial


The University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Chemistry hired me to redesign their annual magazine. The goal for this project was to showcase the department's prestigious faculty, groundbreaking research, and accomplished graduates with a bold, modern design that reflects the university's brand positioning statement:

Centered on the Edge:
Our brand positioning statement helps guide the brand rationale and the development of the UW–Madison brand. Here again, this is not a tagline; it’s an emotional benchmark for how we convey the brand.
They say life begins at the edge of your comfort zone, so we made our home there — our feet dangling off the ledge of what’s possible and our eyes on the horizon of what’s next. Where minds and opportunities meet, where risk is welcomed and there’s no such thing as too weird — generating a catalyst for not just the necessary but for the extraordinary. Because with a vantage point of tomorrow grounded on the verge of what’s now, we’re not just ready for change — we demand it.

Read the entire issue here.

This issue featured a timeline covering 169 years of chemistry at UW-Madison.
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